The vision of Authentic Worth is to collaborate with ministries and social enterprises in the UK to work with other countries and providing tangible solutions to young adults needs. We believe that the young generation are the future and as a community, we will do what it takes to equip and grant the right tools for them to succeed.

Regardless of what the past looks like and the various problems society is in, Authentic Worth has several events, workshops, networking events, book-writing classes and many other activities to support and guide young adults on their way to purpose. We want all young adults who feel there is no purpose to life to engage with other like-minded people that have the utmost desire to make a change. This is a great way to lower unemployment rates, break negative thinking habits, and productively use time (a great asset) in writing books, discovering their gifts and talents, and using them to bring outstanding change to makes lives better, giving back to society. 

We want to work with those that are intentional in activating their futures and do more with what they have, whilst building lifelong friendships and relationships being the most fundamental aspects of humanity. There are huge opportunities throughout the year to laugh, have fun, socialise, grow mentally and emotionally, and more importantly use our authentic voices to break stereotypes. We aim to bring solutions and see possibilities of growth that brings value to the world. Authentic Worth is bringing ‘WORTH’ back in to you!