YOU MUST BE POSITIVE: Authentic Worth Publishing believes in being mentally positive. When it comes to writing a book, how do you want your readers to feel? This creates an increasing community of young and mature adults to share their story and bring change in society. Our clients that partner with Authentic Worth feel positively inspired by our products and services, using our resources to help them in their personal and professional endeavours. Our vision is to provide positivity, purpose and direction to encourage productivity, value and build connections locally. Our future reflects on how much effort and consistency is put into each day given, with a positive attitude.

YOU MUST BE AMBITIOUS: Authentic Worth Publishing are always adapting and open to change! We have a strong passion to support young and mature adults through with 1-2-1 consultations, monthly workshops, events and book launches. Our ambition is to help improve individuals’ confidence in storytelling, reading, and creative writing and gain the ability to share their story to larger platforms and impact society. 

YOUR STORY MUST BE SPECIFIC: Authentic Worth Publishing are passionate about seeing individuals grow and fulfil their goals in book publishing and storytelling. Authentic Worth dedicates quality time to aspiring authors through our bespoke online courses, publishing services and in particular, granting authors the opportunity to be specific about the vision of their book, and what impact they’d want their book to make in their community. It has to be influential. It has to be impactful. It has to be intentional. It has to be specific.

AUTHENTIC WORTH IS ABOUT UNITY: Building lifelong friendships and relationships and are the lifeblood of our future. There are huge opportunities throughout the year to laugh, have fun, socialise, and grow spiritually, mentally & emotionally. We stand on this vision: “When a goal is written down, it will happen as long as it is worked on daily.” You are one step closer to achieving greatness through the power of your story.