Authentic Worth is passionate about setting up events, workshops and book launches that cultivate and inspire young adults to make new friends and cultivate strong relationships. These events and workshops are not just a time to get together, but work together, serve our communities, have fun and leave a tangible impact on the world around us. Most of Authentic Worth’s events happen quarterly each year and is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people. 

Below are the past and upcoming events of Authentic Worth:

Writers & Authors of Our Generation

December 14th 2019

For creative and first-time aspiring, self-published authors. Anyone that is interested in writing, come and be inspired!

How to write a book workshop

Advanced Book Workshop

How to be a self-published author

September 21st 2019

How to write a book workshop

From Glory to Glory Book Launch

July 27th 2019


February 2019

How to write a book workshop

How to write a book for beginners

November 2018

The Big Debate

July 2018

Completion Book Launch Overview

July 2017

It’s Time to Heal Book Launch Overview

July 2016