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 by Maria
Book event

In June, I attended Authentic Worth in collaboration with the Woolwich Library's in-person workshop on building personal confidence and resilience in business. The workshop went extremely well and it was lovely meeting new people and interacting with others too. Esther always does extremely well when she speaks about the books she's written. She has recently published a new book called Abundant Progress. I look forward to attending more of Esther's book launches and events. Esther is always achieving her goals and doing really well. To more book launches, events, book signings, and promotions of your books to come. Well done Authentic Worth for all your hard work and effort towards the community!


 by Maud
Insightful content

I really enjoyed attending Authentic Worth's workshop on Building Personal Confidence and Resilience for Business Success. I had the opportunity to connect with people in the same mindset as mine in a view to help each other out. Most importantly, I valued Esther's work to create an insightful and interesting presentation and workshop. It really helped me as it triggered new thoughts and questions which are really valuable for my own growth.

 by Nkechi
Personal development and confident building event

Not only did I attend the building self-confidence and personal development event on the 30th April 2022, I was also given the opportunity to speak as a guest. It is always a pleasure to work with Esther and Authentic Worth. The event was amazing and everything was done with a spirit of excellence. There was so much that could be taken away from this event, from practical steps in relation to building confidence and personal development to additional knowledge about what confidence and personal development truly means. I was definitely inspired and others were too. I cannot wait for future events from Authentic Worth!

 by Elizabeth T
Self Development and Self Confidence online event

I attended the building self-confidence and personal development online event on Saturday 30th April 2022 organised by Authentic Worth. It was amazing to have connected with like-minded authors who shared their lived experiences and why they decided to write a book. The event was phenomenal, informative and most importantly; inspiring. I took so much away which has encouraged me to keep writing my book. Esther was amazing in delivering a powerful PowerPoint presentation on self-confidence and personal development both as an author and as an entrepreneur. I learnt so much on the day and will be applying them into my journey of becoming a successful author. Esther is amazing at her work and for supporting many aspiring authors to reach their full potential on the book-writing journey. Thank you for all you do Esther.

 by Jesse
Everything I Needed!

I attended Authentic Worth's workshop on building self-confidence and personal development. It was absolutely everything I needed! The guest speakers were amazing. Esther was amazing and every event Authentic Worth puts on is always worth attending. I’m never empty by the end of it! Looking forward to making some positive life changes. I’m fuelled and inspired! Thank you for everything you do Esther!

 by Maria
Self development and confidence

I attended Authentic Worth's online seminar on building self-confidence and personal development and it went really well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Esther and the wonderful speakers who spoke out about their life journey's. I found the seminar very useful when Esther asked us to clarify the difference between self-confidence and personal development as a collective. I will continue to use confidence for future reference and self-development in taking on new responsibilities whilst learning new skills and use these tools to guide me for the future, therefore, my mindset being able to adapt to new changes. Thank you Authentic Worth for always being so encouraging, positive, caring and understanding. I look forward to attending more workshops and online/in-person sessions.

 by Adedapo
Authentic Worth Consultation

I had a very insightful and purposeful 1-2-1 consultation session and would definitely recommend if you have an idea for a book and need assistance with the structure and accountability with Authentic Worth to the world!

 by Elizabeth Takyi
Online Course with writing a book

I honestly don't know how to start writing my review for the God divine connection with Authentic Worth. I first discovered Esther Jacob on LinkedIn, and so far I am so happy and pleased we connected. I've also had a dream to become an author and have so many stories in me that the world needs to hear. However, it has been so difficult trying to put pen to paper and focus on writing a book. With the help and support of Esther, I've been able to focus on the planning of writing a book one day at a time. The online courses for part 1 and 2 has given me clarity on what to expect in writing a book. So far, I am grateful for Authentic Worth and the amazing 1-2-1 sessions they provide in making sure one's book comes to life. Thank you Esther and the entire team for the good work you do. E. Takyi

 by Sandra

The workshop for International Women's Day held by Esther was great and informative. I enjoyed going to Esther's workshop because I always receive wisdom and encouragement! Thank you for your insight in relating to building confidence and utilising it in my business!

 by Poonam
Authentic Worth Publishing Workshop

The workshop held by Authentic Worth Publishing for International Women's Day at the Woolwich Library was a great opportunity to get inspired and connect with like-minded individuals. Esther was an amazing host bringing positive and encouraging vibes, while helping us to grow and develop our own stories.

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