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by Nikita on Authentic Worth
Manicurist my book

I would like to thank Esther for all her effort and help over the last few weeks with my first book.

The communication skIlls was great.
The motivation to do more was prefect.
She gave me ideas.
I would definitely recommend the service.

by Raphael Samuels on Authentic Worth
Excellent Mentor & Coach

Meeting Esther Jacob is a divine connection. With her excellent knowledge & skills as an Author & Writer she mentored me to complete & publish my first book. Esther, thanks for your motivation and encouragement.

by Harpps Kaur on Authentic Worth
Amazing writer and mentor

Esther has helped me hugely to write my first book. She has taught me so many things and I am greatful to have her mentor me along this journey.

Such a beautiful soul! Thank you Esther xx

by Ore on Authentic Worth
Completion: From the Perspective of Brokenness

I was gifted this lovely book (Completion) by a friend of mine and although I am still reading it, I can say that so far, it has been an incredible read! So thank you Esther!! I love the fact that, the book is extremely relatable and I really couldn't have been reading a better book that I feel addresses my current season! She is open about her experiences and gives sound biblical advice in the book. This book indeed has a message for everyone so be sure to purchase it! It has been a source of encouragement to me so far and I can't wait to read the other chapters!!

by Joash Scott on Authentic Worth
Completion: From The Perspective Of Brokenness

Esther Jacob is a first class author and writer who's remarkable clarity and ability to apply refreshing simplicity to complex issues makes her work required reading from people of all backgrounds and walks of life. I have personally benefited hugely in my spiritual life from the common sense advice and wisdom she so perfectly communicates. Trust me, her books are well worth purchasing!! That's why I did. A sincere voice is lacking in the world of authorship today and she is that voice! Get your copy now and be blessed!

by April Lee on Authentic Worth
How to Launch a Book

I attended the ‘How to Launch a Book’ workshop and found it undeniably informative. The knowledge shared and tips given by Esther, Tunji and Jahmella gave me a clear understanding of all the protocols which need following when launching a book. I’m very glad I attended, as since then I’ve been putting fingers to keyboard and writing away. I would definitely recommend attending this event if you’re considering whether to write or in the process of publishing your book. Good, honest advice is what you need, and that what I received.

by Jesse on Authentic Worth
From Pain to Purpose

I attended From Pain to Purpose event on Feb 16th 2019 and I absolutely loved it. The workshop was amazing. The event equipped aspiring authors with all the information and tools they needed to write their own books; there was also emphasis on the fact that we all have a story to tell! The guest speakers were amazing and kept everyone very engaged. It was an amazing event.

by Maria on Authentic Worth
Authentic worth

I recently attended From Pain to Purpose event on Saturday 16th February. It was a very informative event with inspirational speakers who were very knowledgeable, and can also direct people who are intrested in becoming book authors. I am really glad that I attended this event. Well done to you my Esther, you've come soooo far. Keep striving girl. A big thank you to Tunji and Jahmella for sharing their story and for being so encouraging on how to become successful in writing books, creating your own website and blogging on social media. They both did a great job. Thank you.

by Jahmella Robinson on Authentic Worth
Educational event!

It was a pleasure to speak at this event. The audience drawn in were lively and passionate about writing their first books. Each speaker brought something unique to the table and this was noticeable.

by Tolu Ogunsola on Authentic Worth

I attended the From Pain to Purpose seminar this weekend and it was a great atmosphere for like minded people and curious people who came together to listen and share ideas, thoughts and opinions. Great talks from knowledgable speakers who gave insider secrets which I found to be very valuable. Well done Esther, it’s a pleasure and honour to call you a friend and it is wonderful to see you flourish and step out on faith. You will continue to soar. Amen 🙏🏾

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