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 by Folasade Akinsanya
Online book writing workshop

I just want to say a massive thank you Authentic Worth for the 'How to turn an idea into a book' seminar last week. I was immensely inspired by your writing journey and how you conducted us on the call. It’s given me the boldness to think about my book and start the ground work (which is a lot). It felt liberating to talk about it with you and thanks for the nuggets you dropped. I look forward to working with you in the near future by God’s grace. God bless you xx

 by Otillear Athanase
Online Zoom Seminar- How to turn an idea into a book

I am amazed at how much quality and worthwhile-information I gained by joining Authentic Worth's 'How to turn an idea into a book online seminar.' Esther's method of delivery and her passion in presenting the various segments kept me interested in wanting to capture every word she had to say. She eased the group into participation and honed in on key aspects that we would have not thought necessary. From this 2 hour session, I am definitely convinced that Authentic Worth is the Publishing Company that I need to guide me. Thank You Esther 🙏🏾. Blessings to you and your team 🙏🏼

 by Elizabeth Takyi
online seminar on financial wellness

I attended an excellent seminar on Financial Wellness recently. Esther was amazing at hosting the event and shared so much knowledge with the attendees. I learnt how to successfully be financially well. There's a saying that "We never stop learning." One thing I love about Esther is how she gets her audience involved in her seminars allowing us to ask questions and bring new ideas forward. Authentic Worth is an amazing publishing company. Thank you so much Esther for the work you do.

 by Cllr Kim Powell
Authors of our Generation 2022 event.

The Authors of our Generation event hosted by Authentic Worth Publishing was truly an inspirational learning journey for anyone who has ever considered writing a book or sharing a story. Esther shared her story and how writing a book can take time but never give up. Esther writes books to make people better and stronger, truthful and honest. Well done!

 by Elizabeth Takyi
Event-How to write a book with Dyslexia

The workshop on 'How to write a book with Dyslexia' taught me so much. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia in my adulthood and thought I knew everything about the condition and what it represents, until I attended the Authentic Worth workshop in October 2022. Esther's presentation was fantastic and very dyslexic-friendly. I learnt so much about what it takes to write a book with Dyslexia. The information and knowledge Esther shared with the attendees were priceless. It was clear, concise, and most importantly, informative. Esther serves her community and clients with a pure heart and would go the extra mile to make sure her clients are 100% happy with the services she provides. The workshop was one of a kind that I've ever attended; I left with so much knowledge! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service in supporting the author's community and for all you do. Keep up the awesome work.


 by Olivier Dierickx
Blessings of workshops!

So far, I've attended two online workshops from Esther and Authentic Worth. Each time, they were instructive in learning about writing a book and also about Dyslexia. I deeply love Esther's energy and her care. She has an amazing community of authors. I feel blessed for the care and space Esther creates. I highly recommend you to join any (online or in-person) workshop. Bless her mission and community of authors where I believe I will be part of very soon!

 by Sasha Gay Smith
Workshop & Publishing services

I highly recommend Authentic Worth's workshops if you are a budding writer or just want to find out more about the process; the workshops are for you. You will not be disappointed! Take the first step, learn or develop your skill. Esther is a fantastic facilitator who knows how to skilfully navigate their workshops in a way that each person feels included, heard and leaves with more than they had in mind. I am a new author and intentionally chose to publish my book with Authentic Worth Publishing services due to Esther and the team's integrity and diligence! Highly recommended!

 by Elizabeth T
Abundant Progress book Purchased

I honestly don't know how to start the review of Abundant Progress. I attended Esther's book launch for Abundant Progress in July 2022. A really fantastic event and very inspiring to hear about Esther's journey of writing her book. There were many questions that Esther answered by the attendees. At the end of the book launch, I decided to purchase Abundant Progress; the best purchase of a book ever! The book took a long time for me to read and finish. This is because of my slow reading as a dyslexic; however, I am so happy I took my time to read the book as it motivated me to be still and wait for the Lord to speak before I move. I've learnt so much from the book and can now apply what I've learnt in my life and also pass on the knowledge to my children. I came to a standstill in my life and had no idea who to turn to. Abundant Progress taught me that God's timing is always the best and that delay is not denial. Thank you so much Esther for being one of the most beautiful writers and in a very dyslexic-friendly way. Keep up the awesome work.

 by Elizabeth T
Authentic Worth online course

Taking the Authentic Worth online courses to better understand how to become an author was one of the best decisions I made. Living with Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, the online courses were very dyslexic-friendly. Esther was very supportive in our 1-2-1 accountability coaching sessions on a monthly basis during the studying of the online courses. The knowledge has helped me to continue writing my book and I also have a clear understanding of what it takes to write a book. I would recommend the Authentic Worth online courses and also the 1-2-1 accountability coaching sessions. Thank you so much for the vision of Authentic Worth.

 by Alan Law
My first book

Esther is a really great person. Her passion for books really shows! She guides you through every step in the book publishing process and answers those tough questions for complete beginner's like myself. I'm making a book in another language that I thought most book publisher's wouldn't care about, but Esther does care! She is committed to diversity and that is something you should really look for in a person. The world needs more people like Esther. Happy to recommend Authentic Worth as a trustworthy and reliable business partner!

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