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Authentic Worth
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by Amy Hawkes on Authentic Worth
Different and enjoyable

I attended the Authors of our Generation event on Saturday 12th December 2020, and it was something I very much enjoyed. Esther used a different approach in holding a workshop, whereby it was not only informative, but personal. I found out more about the publishing industry and its processes, as well as meeting new authors. It was both inspiring and interesting! I highly recommend!

by Maria Agbarha on Authentic Worth
Authours of our Generation

I attended Authentic Worth's event on Saturday 12th December 2020 called the Authors of our Generation. The event was amazing and was a pleasure to listen to the authors speak about their journey on writing a book. Esther, you always do remarkably well, especially when you speak about all your books that you wrote and published. You always give good advice in your events to those that attend, and want to know how to write a book. You always give clear guidance to attendees on how to go about writing their first book which is very inspiring. Your events and online workshops are very encouraging and I will continue to attend them. I am always here to support Authentic Worth!

by Samrawit on Authentic Worth
Authors of our generation!

I was very fortunate enough to meet Esther and hear all about Authentic Worth in December 2019! I immediately thought of my best friend who needed support with her new writing venture! The last event I went to on Saturday 12th December 2020 was merely to support her and honestly, I even learned so much about self-publishing and the inspiration behind the other authors' books! I felt inspired and one day, I hope to write my own book! I will definitely connect with Authentic Worth when I get to that stage!

by Matilda Ese on Authentic Worth
Authors of our Generation Event

We learn something new every day, and l learnt quite a lot listening to all those authors and the encouragement from their supporters. It was quite inspiring and l am glad to be part of it. Well done, Authentic Worth Publishing, for a great online event on 12/12/2020. In spite of all the challenges of this year, this event is one of the best things l will take into 2021! Many thanks and a very big CONGRATULATIONS Esther!!!

by Alesia Erivona on Authentic Worth
Authors of Our Generation 2020

I've attended many workshops this year, but this workshop was truly the most heartfelt and phenomenal. The session was engaging and knowledgeable. I learnt so much about publishing in a small space of time (was intrigued!). Would like to publicly congratulate every author and thank Authentic Worth for the wonderful work they are doing to positively influence the community.

by Paul Rowbotham on Authentic Worth
Authors of our Generation 2020

Thanks, Esther, for allowing me to be a part of the Authors of our Generation 2020 event. As a debut author, it was great to be able to share about the highs and lows of my writing journey. Hearing other authors talk about their books was inspiring too. I think I’m now ready to embark on my next book! You ran the event seamlessly, starting and ending bang on time. I think you should be called the ‘zoom guru’. You helped us relax and feel right at home. Well done.

by Syreene on Authentic Worth
Authors of our generation

The Authors of our Generation event on Saturday 12th December 2020 was so powerful! It was nice to hear all the other authors talk about their book. I took a lot back from hearing each author. Thank you Esther for letting me join in the event. I am so grateful!

by Sheryl on Authentic Worth
Authors of our generation 2020

The Authors of our Generation event on Saturday 12th December 2020 was so informative, and hearing the authors own stories and experiences that influenced and was shared through their books was so powerful. The event was packed with great information! It was very interactive and fun! Thank you Esther, throughly enjoyed it!

by Maria on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth

I attended Authentic Worth's online seminar on 21/11/20 - how to turn an idea into a book. It was a lovely seminar where Esther spoke about supporting those who want to know how to write a book and using their ideas to effectively start writing. She also spoke about self-publishing vs traditional publishing, explaining in full detail what they both mean. One attribute I admire about Esther is that she does not only help other authors, but she relates her books to other people that want ideas on how to write their first book. Esther always relates her books really well. Her first book It's Time to Heal related to me, especially when I was made redundant from my previous job a few years ago. I enjoy From Glory to Glory book, as it is a deep thought-provoking read that deals with loss and how to gradually gain strength. Esther is very good at relating to people in a professional manner, and the vision behind Authentic Worth is to let others know that in everything one may go through, it is possible to overcome them, and they can achieve whatever they desire. This is why I really enjoy attending Authentic Worth's online events and reading Esther's books. Esther is always clear with her strategy and grants guidance to those who need support in their writing journey. Esther has also released her latest book; The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset, and is doing an amazing job for the community. God is always on your side, and will continue to see you through. May Authentic Worth be blessed with many more face to face and online book events with all the hard work and desire that is put in everything you do. God richly bless you always, and a bigggggggggggg thank you for your events. Know that I am here to support you! Well done again! I am looking forward to attending more of your upcoming events in the future! 🙏❤😍🙏💜❤. Maria Agbarha.

by Dami Elegbede on Authentic Worth
The Power of a Foward-Thinking Mindset

The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset Review - An extremely powerful book and much needed in these unprecedented times. Thank you so much, Esther, for writing this amazing, thought-provoking and inspirational book. The Power of a Forward-Thinking Mindset is such a practical, well-written and easy read book. This book came to life for me; it has helped me in starting my business.

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