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Authentic Worth
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by Amanda on Authentic Worth

I really enjoyed reading this book! It was inspiring and motivating at the same time. Looking forward to reading more books from you Esther!

by Sandra on Authentic Worth
Book Writing Works

The advanced book workshop was a dynamic workshop filled with gems about independently writing and selling a book. I really enjoyed the day. I was inspired by the stories and ideas of the people I met. The workshop gave me new motivation to complete the book I have been writing. Thank You Esther

by Veronica King on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth Advanced Book Workshop and Advanced Professional Sungers Workshop

I attended the Advanced Book Workshop and Advanced Professional Singers Workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was interesting to experience how both these workshops were not incompatible because of the way Esther weaved them together seamlessly. It was further interesting how the content of the book workshop was planned to make sure that attendees' experiences were an integral part of the day, and I left feeling that my attendance was well worth it because I came away with tools that I could put to good use in my book journey. I was very impressed by the way in which Esther seek to engage with her audience and served us to a very highly personal standard. It was a very worthwhile experience for me. Thank you Esther.

by Vera Acheampong on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth

I attended Esther's book workshop and I really enjoyed the interactive sessions which included a singing workshop, amongst many other fun sessions. It was very informative, educational and very inspirational to hear Esther's journey in her book writing. I enjoyed our time with the other team members in the group and hearing everyone's life journey and aspirations which was very motivational. Wel done Esther on all of your endeavours. May God continue to take you from Glory to Glory (see what i did there 😉
Stay Blessed. Xxx

by Kellee on Authentic Worth
Book Shop

I am glad to have taken the decision to attend Esther's book workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed, learned and met very nice people. I found the class to be informative, creative and gave me loads of ideas on how to put pen to paper and write a book. We had fun with the team building activities. I would recommend being present at the next workshop trust me you will never regret it. Thanks Esther, you are a Star. Well done!

by Rosemary on Authentic Worth
Positively inspirational!

This was a very positive event! It was so nice socialising with like-minded people and the singing part of the workshop was beautiful! Esther, keep doing what you are doing you are an awesome, beautiful and inspirational young woman that is going so far!!!

by Maria on Authentic Worth
Book workshop

On Saturday 21st September I attended Esther's book workshop at Catford. I was really inspired to meet new people, the information, group tasks and speakers too. I was really honoured that I attended on Saturday. The information was in depth and Esther did exceedingly well in giving a direct clear message which she always does at all of her events and workshops. You expanded well in speaking about all your three books that you wrote so far. What really touched me the most was out of all your three books, From Glory to Glory was the most powerful book you have written, and gave a clear message to the audience when you spoke about it. Well done to you girl. Thank you and a biggggggggg massive thank you for doing the workshop. You deserve all the success and more blessings to come to you too!

Maria Agbarha

by Vivianne Duah Odei on Authentic Worth
Advanced book workshop

The workshop was amazing, it was an eye opener and also informative. The event was well organised, I really enjoyed it and also made new friends. I will recommend this event to anyone who is planning or wish to write a book.

by Joash Scott on Authentic Worth
How to write abd publish a book (Advanced Workshop)

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday 21st September 2019! Was a great pleasure to be a part of the warm up section on the day! I met some incredible people, and learned so many practical skills. Despite not being an aspiring author (I'm a music artist) I noticed that many of the principles involved in book writing are the same, when it comes to releasing music. Even if you are not looking to write a book, I would STILL advise you to attend one of Esther's workshops! You'll certainly learn some transferrable skills that you can apply or implement in your own life or business.

by Lillian O on Authentic Worth
Insightful Workshop

A well-planned workshop to unlock the barriers that are keeping them from writing their first book. Each section of the day was well thought out including the warm-ups.

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