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Authentic Worth
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by Jahmella Robinson on Authentic Worth
Educational event!

It was a pleasure to speak at this event. The audience drawn in were lively and passionate about writing their first books. Each speaker brought something unique to the table and this was noticeable.

by Tolu Ogunsola on Authentic Worth

I attended the From Pain to Purpose seminar this weekend and it was a great atmosphere for like minded people and curious people who came together to listen and share ideas, thoughts and opinions. Great talks from knowledgable speakers who gave insider secrets which I found to be very valuable. Well done Esther, it’s a pleasure and honour to call you a friend and it is wonderful to see you flourish and step out on faith. You will continue to soar. Amen 🙏🏾

by Faith on Authentic Worth
Pleased & proud

I recently went to one of the Authentic Worth events (Seminar): From Pain to Purpose. All about helping individuals have a better understanding about writing a book, the process and next steps.
I can happily say it was really good. Not only did it confirm what I knew from before but also it broaden my perspective and helped me to see, know and understand things I didn't.

I am so grateful for the knowledge imparted to me from Esther, Jahmella and Tunji. Super proud of Esther for not giving up too. She is so supportive, welcoming and humbly grateful.

Thanks Esther, keep up the good work.

by Tilly on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth

I have recently attended two events by Esther Jacob. Both events were impactful and informative and I learnt quite a lot by it.
Her "how to write a book part 1" event was so insightful and helped me very much in teaching me how to write a book and how to get it published.
I look forward to attending more workshops like these in the future.

by Abigail on Authentic Worth
Authentic worth

I attended Esther's event in November on how to launch a book. I was extremely helpful for me as someone who is completely new to writing but extremely interested. The session was open and welcoming with some very informative speakers.
I have also purchased her book it's time to heal, which really allowed me to reflect on my views of myself and the world. An excellent read from a brilliant author.

by Ram on Authentic Worth
Time to Heal

Esther and I sat down to chat and she shared portions from her life experiences that was very moving and inspirational. Despite it all she possessed a positive mindset and conveyed such in all of our correspondence. She is encouraging and shares a lot of sentiments of hope whenever she communicates.

I wasn't going to buy Esther's books for myself, as I felt they are for "chicks". However I did have a friend who was in a turmoil and I couldn't fully understand. I felt it a blessing to both parties to purchase this book. I can testify my friend is connecting with it, relating to it and highlighting to me elements that expounds how she feels.

As a man I feel this book can shed some insight on how some of our women feel internally.

Much ratings

by Maria on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth

About three months ago, I purchased both Time to Heal and Completion. I first started by reading Time to Heal which I can say has spoken to me in a number of areas such as friendships and times of tests. I would definitely recommend this book to all females, as although our situations may be different there comes a time in life where all of us need to take that time to heal with the Father. God bless you Esther for using the gift God has given you to bless many others, to the extent of helping those who want to write a book but don't know where to start, through your workshops.

by Khwezi Sithole on Authentic Worth

This young lady has been anointed by God. Her books make you confront yourself to get rid of the nonsense of every day life and focus on what matters; your relationship with God. But she is so amazing; she does not want to keep that anointing on just herself, she is sharing it out. Revealing her journey, mentoring and ushering the rest of us through an easier path. Stay blessed Esther and may the Lord be bountifully abundant upon you.

by Mabel on Authentic Worth
Authentic worth workshop

A few weeks ago, I attended the Authentic Worth Workshop on how to get your book published by Esther Jacob. I enjoyed hearing about her journey to become an author and recieving useful advice on the process of turning an idea for a story into a published manuscript. I had the opportunity to reflect on the reasons behind my story and the importance of remaining persistent with the desired dream. The refreshments were great and interacting with other aspiring authors/writers was beneficial. I would definitely recommend this event!

by Lord Jefferson Iweh on Authentic Worth
Authentic worth, authentic value

I had attended Esther's book creation workshop, it was so informative and down to earth, as Esther gave real accounts, not the fairy tale's I have heard at many workshops.

Would definitely recommend attend one of her workshops.

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