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Authentic Worth
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by Hannah on Authentic Worth

I attended Authentic Worth Publishing's online seminar on Saturday 27th February on how to write a book for beginners. It was absolutely amazing and very insightful. I was so impacted that I spent the whole seminar taking down notes. I was marvelled by the confidence and the level of excellence delivered. Great information and resources shared. Lovely time spent with Author Esther Jacob and the attendees. I left the seminar feeling confident and ready to go for it. Thank you once again, Authentic Worth Publishing for making an impact in my life, and I can’t wait to join the other events to come!

by Charlotte Ajani on Authentic Worth

The online seminar Authentic Worth Publishing hosted on Saturday 27th February was amazing and very well organised! Esther demonstrated very in-depth knowledge of the topic on how to write a book for beginners, which was very helpful and thought provoking. Apart from the evident knowledge of the host, I was also very impressed by her vulnerability and honesty in sharing her personal testimonies and journey, which in no doubt was very inspiring and rewarding. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of this wonderful seminar! I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to write a book but don’t know where / how to start, or if you simply need motivation or a friendly face to bounce off ideas and give you direction.

by Evelyn Blake-Tulloch on Authentic Worth
Learning how to write a book

I enjoyed Authentic Worth Publishing's online seminar on how to write a book for beginners on Saturday 27th February. I understood how to structure a book and how to relate my story when writing. I enjoyed listening to Esther's testimonies as it really inspired me. Esther portrays a lot of confidence in her profession.

by Maria Agbarha on Authentic Worth
Writing your first book for beginners

I attended Authentic Worth Publishing's online seminar on Saturday 27th February which was called knowing how to write your first book for beginners. It was a phenomenal session, and would advise anyone that is looking to write their first book to attend these seminars. A massive well done to Esther, for all she is doing and shall continue to do. She has done extremely well, and has come so far! One advantage I adore about Esther is the explanation, purpose and in-depth communication she gives to her audience and her books that make them all relatable. Esther makes it easy to help others understand life from a bigger scale. Continue to uplift people and encourage others take steps on how to write their first book.

by Maria on Authentic Worth
Publishing first event of the year

I attended Authentic Worth Publishing's online event on Saturday 30th January. It was a very informative event as it included different authors who spoke about their writing journey. I want to say a big well done to Esther, for always expanding on the steps she took when she wrote her first book. Esther has come so far in becoming an author whilst running Authentic Worth. I love the way Esther helps and expands her knowledge for those who would like to write a book.

by Maya A on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth Publishing Zoom Event

I attended the Welcome to Authentic Worth Publishing event on Saturday 30th January, and once again, it was a great session. Hearing Esther speak about all the books she’s written and the purpose of writing them really touched my heart. As an aspiring writer, it was great to hear other attendees talk about their books which got me excited. I love the fact that I could network with a few of the ladies at the end of the session. We spoke about social issues we could all relate to. I left feeling encouraged and motivated. Thanks Esther for holding this event. It was a great way to meet other upcoming authors.

by Rae on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth Zoom Event

The online event on Saturday 30th January was a well-timed and organised event. It was welcoming and informative. Authentic Worth Publishing will be a great resource to go to if you are thinking of entering the publishing world. Esther brings a personal touch to Authentic Worth which certaintly marks its authenticity.  Esther is highly encouraging and supportive! Well done Esther! Keep up the great work you are doing!

by Josephine A on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth Publishing Zoom Event

I attended the Authentic Worth Publishing Zoom event on 30/01/2021 and I really enjoyed it. It was a great opportunity to get to know more about Authentic Worth, the services the company provides and Esther herself. I also learned a lot about how to write a book, as well as tips on how to publish books. I loved the Q & A and there was even a raffle with amazing prizes. Well done Esther on delivering yet another smoothly run and well-presented event!

by Ebony Ali on Authentic Worth
Welcome to Authentic Worth Publishing

I attended the Welcome to Authentic Worth Publishing online event on Saturday 30th January and it was fantastic! It was honestly one of the best zoom events I’ve been to! Everything was so well thought out! Esther did a fantastic job at hosting this event and made every person feel welcomed. We were able to ask her questions and she provided very good insight. I would advise anyone who wants to write a book to attend one of these events Authentic Worth offers. Trust me, it’ll be worth your time and you’ll leave feeling inspired and motivated!

by Yejide on Authentic Worth
Authentic Worth Online Event

I attended my first event with Authentic Worth Publishing on Saturday 30th January and I just have to say it was amazing. The information that Esther shared was so insightful and very informative, especially as I’m still learning about publishing. I definitely left the event feeling really encouraged and motivated to achieve my goals for the year. It was such a confidence booster. Thank you so much Authentic Worth for hosting such a great virtual event. I can’t wait for the next one!

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