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Authentic Worth provides a wide range of bespoke book publishing services for aspiring authors to share their story and turn it into a book. Authentic Worth invests, mentors and coach aspiring authors to write their book with confidence. Upon completion of publishing with Authentic Worth, we grant authors the opportunity to showcase their latest book at our annual ‘Authors of our Generation’ workshops that will aid in promoting their new book, connect with other individuals, authors and market their work across our social media platforms.


Authentic Worth does publish and showcase the following book genres:  

  • Art and Photography √
  • Autobiographies
  • Biography √
  • Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle 
  • Business and Finances √
  • Children and Young Adults
  • Culture 
  • Cookbooks √
  • Entrepreneurship and Business √
  • Education, E-Learning and Teaching √
  • Families and Relationships √
  • Health, Mind and Body √
  • History 
  • Humour and Entertainment √ 
  • Innovation and Creativity √
  • Inspiration and Motivation √
  • Law and Criminology √
  • Memoirs √
  • Poetry √
  • Politics √
  • Property and Investments √
  • Religion and Spirituality √
  • Self-Help/Personal Development √
  • Spoken Word √
  • Travel √


Authentic Worth does not publish and showcase the following book genres:

  • Crime X
  • Fairytale X
  • Fantasy X
  • Horror X
  • Mystery X
  • Science Fiction


Authentic Worth’s book publishing services:

  • Line-on-line Proofreading – examining the final draft of the manuscript, checking for basic grammar, spelling and making sure it is free from typographical errors; being able to tweak and ensure formatting is free from any faults. This will be in the final stages before publishing based on previous edits that have been carried out. The author will be notified of any changes from the manuscript. Further amendments or changes to the manuscript added by the author will incur a 10% fee: £300.00. 


  • Line-on-line Developmental Editing – working with the author and the manuscript in a coherent flow. The manuscript will be read thoroughly providing useful feedback which encompasses the entire manuscript, including missing content, tone, voice, structure, grammatical errors, and referring to the author for clarification should this become necessary and improve the overall flow of the manuscript. The author will be notified of any changes to the manuscript. Further amendments or changes to the manuscript added by the author will incur a 10% fee: £400.00. 


  • Line-on-Line Proofreading and Developmental Editing Combined – the manuscript will be proofread and edited thoroughly checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, tone, repetition, and correct use of english. This service consists of proofreading and editing the manuscript together. The author will be notified of any changes to the manuscript. Further amendments or changes to the manuscript added by the author will incur a £10% fee: £800.00.


  • Page Layout, Formatting and Typesetting – having the final manuscript proofread and edited, the manuscript will be set-up and ready for print choosing the relevant measurements, size and dimension for the book. Formatting includes selecting the relevant line spacing, making it appealing to the end-reader, combined with typesetting which prepares the text, table columns and images (if applicable) for publication including margin size and font choice in preparation for printing and publishing the manuscript into a book. This is applicable to both e-books and paperback books: £300.00.


  • Header, Footer and Page Numbering – this service includes the header which is adding the title of the book at the top of each page, whilst the footer is inserting the page number at the bottom of each page: £50.00.


  • Account Set-Up, Upload Manuscript and Book Cover – this service requires the manuscript and book cover to be ready for submission and uploaded onto a book publishing platform. Having completed the final amendments of proofreading and editing, the manuscript and book cover will be uploaded, whilst the author’s account is set up on the author’s behalf: £100.00.


  • Authentic Worth’s Bespoke Publishing Package Service (recommended) – having the final manuscript read and making developmental changes including proofreading, editing, typesetting, formatting, writing style, font, structure, page layout, grammar, punctuation, correction of spelling, contents page, page numbers, header and footer, email support, copyright, account set-up for paperback and e-book, featured on our social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and our website, and being a panellist at our annual Authors of our Generation Workshops. A 13 digit ISBN number for paperback and e-book is included in this service and a barcode will be generated on the author’s behalf. Please note: (we have a specialist book cover designer and illustrator recommended – price not included in this service)Further amendments or changes to the manuscript added by the author will incur a 10% fee: £1,678.00.


  • Authentic Worth’s Book Launch Package Service – Having completed and published the author’s book, Authentic Worth supports the author to have either a face-to-face or virtual book launch creating further awareness and celebrating the launching of their new book with the community. This adds value to the book and is effective for social media marketing, speaking engagement opportunities and collaborating with other local authors. Authentic Worth provides a specific tailored approach for each author, giving valuable insight on how to practically host a successful launch: £200.00.


  • Authentic Worth’s ISBN Number and Barcode – An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique 13-digit book identifier which makes an author’s book unique to the owner. This is required for the different formats of books i.e. paperback, e-book, audiobook, etc: £89.00 per format.


  • Authentic Worth’s Bespoke 1-2-1 One-Hour Consultation – our bespoke 1-2-1 one-hour consultations consist of an in-depth discussion on the practical steps to write and publish a book, where the focus is on the vision of the book, the target market, working with the content and tone of the manuscript, the obstacles that the author faces in the process of writing, and granting the author opportunities to ask questions about the book publishing process. Authentic Worth’s consultations can be completed in three ways: (1) over the phone, (2) online via Zoom, or (3) face-to-face (location to be confirmed upon booking). The author will leave with a greater understanding on how to publish their book with Authentic Worth: £70.00.


  • Authentic Worth’s Bespoke 1-2-1 One-Hour Accountability Coaching Sessions – this service is a monthly coaching membership between Authentic Worth and the author during the process of supporting them in publishing their book. Once the author has an outline of what they want their book to be based on, this will ignite the author towards the stage of publishing. Authentic Worth’s monthly coaching memberships motivates and keeps the author accountable to their book, ensuring the author has full and grounded support up until publishing. A recurring date will be confirmed between the author and Authentic Worth: £30.00.


  • The Process of Writing a Book Online Course – Authentic Worth has two bespoke online courses based on the process of writing a book for beginners. The courses provide extensive teaching tools to guide and support aspiring authors to understand and practically prepare from having an idea, to writing the manuscript and turning it into a published book. Authentic Worth has a passion to help authors turn their story into a book through the interactive quizzes, top tips and discussions of knowing who the book is going to target and creating a reputable platform for the book to be advertised and promoted on social media and at several book stores. Authentic Worth’s online courses are great for aspiring authors to gain a deeper understanding into publishing a book: £120.00 per course.


  • Marketing, promoting and getting an author’s book into bookstores 1-2-1 Consultation – This service equips the author that has a book published the opportunity to market and promote their book effectively, utilising several social media platforms with the right methods and keywords, strategies and tips that will attract book sales, and practical advice on how to promote the author’s book on online bookstores: £70.00.


  • 1-2-1 Authentic Confidence Coaching – Authentic Worth isn’t only passionate about publishing books, but the ability to build on ones’ confidence. With our 1-2-1 Authentic Confidence Coaching sessions, we will explore four key questions during the session and round up with an overview and the next steps to keep the individual accountable on their confidence journey. There will be opportunities to ask questions during the coaching session, as well as practical tasks and activities given to complete. A 1-2-1 consultation of £70.00 is required before commencing with our Confidence Coaching sessions. For more information on how to book a 1-2-1 consultation, visit our Confidence Coaching Page.


A publishing contract and invoice will be sent before commencing with the book project/services.


For manuscript submissions email


For further information about our bespoke book publishing services, send an email to specifying which service you require in the subject heading.

Books Published with Authentic Worth

Des Amey - Property Side Hustle
Des Amey - Property Side Hustle
The Property Process Book Cover
The Property Process Book Cover
The Property Process Book Cover
The Property Process Book Cover