Publishing Services

Authentic Worth understands the importance of having an efficient publishing service package for self-published authors looking to launch their book. We provide Bespoke Publishing Services including the following: 

  • A Complete and Comprehensive Proofreading Service – this service consists of examining the final draft of the document/text checking for basic grammar, spelling, and making sure it is free from typographical errors, being able to tweak and ensure formatting is free from any faults. This will be in the final stages before publishing based on previous edits that have been carried out (as listed above). Price: £200


  • A Complete and Comprehensive Editorial Service – this service will consist of working with the individual and the document/text in a coherent flow. The document/text will be read thoroughly providing useful feedback that encompasses the entire book including missing content, tone, voice, structure, grammatical errors and referring to the individual for clarification should this become necessary and to improve the overall flow of the document/text. Price: £200


  • A Complete and Comprehensive Publishing Service – this service will consist of having the final manuscript read and approved by the Author making developmental changes including, writing style, font, structure, page layout, grammar, punctuation, correction of spelling, contents page, page numbers, typesetting and formatting and uploading manuscript on an online publishing platform including KDP for paperback and e-book. Thorough feedback will be given to the individual on what suggestions to improve and advice going forwards. Price: £600