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Listen to From Glory to Glory via our audiobook. A book that will inspire and change the narrative of life by finding out your purpose.



Transitioning from one dimension to the other is a gradual process. We may never understand why trials hit us at unexpected moments. However, when it feels overwhelming, remember there is a hidden Glory that can’t always be seen. To the reader: you have to stand firm despite the external noises. Real beauty comes with pain because it is at the broken places you become stronger; just as when gold is being refined. It will need to pass through the fire before the outcome is pure gold.

From Glory to Glory is a real-life story based on the late Glory Chidinma Jacob who understood the importance of life and its significance to mankind. Reminding the reader of their unique purpose on earth, the book will educate, strengthen, uplift and give practical advice on how to cope in the difficult moments and maintain good health, remembering that life is a gift from God. You have a choice to live and leave a legacy on earth. From Glory to Glory is named after my sister; a unique woman, daughter, friend, and work colleague.

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