Online Course(s)


Authentic Worth has two bespoke online courses teaching on the process of writing a book. We provide extensive teaching tools to guide and support aspiring authors in writing their first book. Our online courses provide various topics to ignite and equip authors with the knowledge and skills in writing and publishing.

We strongly advise authors that have a story to turn it into a book through our interactive resources that each course provides. This consists of our online quizzes, interactive sessions, discussions on the importance of knowing a book’s target market, creating a reputable platform for advertising and promoting the author’s book in bookstores and face-to-face. Our online courses are great for authors who want to gain a deeper understanding into book publishing.

Each online course(s) can be completed in the comfort of the author’s home or on the way to work. On completion of the two online courses, Authentic Worth will grant 10% off our bespoke book publishing services, alongside a free book of the author’s choice from our bookshop£100.00 per course.


Remember: “start the book and it will grow!”  


Client testimonials about our online book course(s):

• “Hey Esther, I’ve just spent 2 days back to back completing your course; thank you.” – Niyat Asfaha
• “Hey Esther, you got me working too hard!” – Mandeep Kaur



Don’t overthink it; write it! 

Authentic Worth is bringing worth back into you through storytelling and book-writing!