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Authentic Worth has two bespoke online courses based on the process of writing a book for beginners. The courses provide extensive teaching tools to guide and support aspiring authors to understand and practically prepare from having an idea, to writing the manuscript and turning it into a published book. Authentic Worth has a passion to help authors turn their story into a book through the interactive quizzes, top tips and discussions of knowing who the book is going to target and creating a reputable platform for the book to be advertised and promoted on social media and at several book stores. Authentic Worth’s online courses are great for authors to gain a deeper understanding into publishing a book. Each online course(s) can be completed at any time, and on completion of the two online courses, Authentic Worth is giving 10% off the bespoke book publishing services, alongside a free book of the author’s choice from our bookshop


Remember: start the book and it will grow!


Client testimonials that are taking part in our online book course(s):


• “Hey Esther, I’ve just spent two days back to back completing your course; thank you.” – Niyat Asfaha UK; enrolled in September 2019.
• “Hey Esther, you got me working too hard!” – Mandeep Kaur UK; enrolled in February 2020.
• “Thank you Esther for your online courses” – Priscilla Agyenim UK; enrolled in August 2020. 
• Tatiana Hoffmann UK; enrolled in October 2020. 
• Shena Gina UK; enrolled in November 2020.


Don’t overthink it; write it!