Authentic Worth would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting in attending past and present events that we hold to inspire, motivate, and influence young adults about self-worth and purpose.

Book-writing has become a very popular topic that a lot of people are considering writing books in their season. From Award-Winning Social Media Blogger; Patricia Bright (Heart & Hustle) to First Lady, Michelle Obama (Becoming), they used their stories as a platform to write a book. For this reason, Authentic Worth will be launching an Online Masterclass course in May 2019 teaching you how to effectively start writing a book from start to finish. The course will cover various topics including:

–> Research

–> Target Market/Audience

–> The purpose of writing your book

–> Self-Publishing vs Traditional-Publishing

–> Book Cover Designs

–> ISBN Numbers 



There are six modules in total.

The first three modules will commence in:

  • May to August 2019 (can be done in your own pace)

The last three three modules will commence in:

  • September to December 2019 (can be done in your own pace)

The course can be taken at any time, but to get the full advantage, start early! You will also receive an email towards the last week from Monday 22nd April onwards as a reminder. 

Authentic Worth is excited and will stand with you in supporting your journey in the writing course to becoming a Self-Published Author. If you have any questions regarding the course, email

Alternatively, this is a course for you if:

– You want to share your story but don’t know where to start 

– You have little or no experience about the publishing industry or what it takes to write a book

– You have started to write but feel procrastination is pulling you back

– You don’t have the time to write due to personal commitments and work duties 

– You want to save money!  

– You want to use your story to inspire other people and create a positive platform to enable generational growth and impact

For more information on my books visit the ‘books’ section on the website or alternatively visit Amazon.

My third upcoming book From Glory to Glory will be released in Spring 2019 and a book launch taking place on Saturday 27th July 2019. 

Authentic Worth looks forward to participating with you on the course –  see you in May 2019!