Having a vision that aims to inspire many people isn’t achieved by one person alone; it takes a community to create awareness in society. At Authentic Worth, we inspire, encourage, and bring out the best in every individual through storytelling and book writing. We stand on encouraging individuals to leave an eternal impact, creating legacies for the upcoming generation and influencing those surrounded by us to be better. We have one life and what we do with it matters.

We want to support as many aspiring authors to share their story in confidence and see many books being birthed on a monthly basis. The impact a book can make is already in you and we want this to be understood. When you hold an authors book, you are helping their future. The impact a book can make can only be made once it is in your hands. We want aspiring uthors embrace their story and what they have been through, having the ability and confidence to share their book and be proud of what they have achieved, to also create a knock-on effect in helping others in birthing many books for the future. 

Your donation will support will us to continue running the vision of Authentic Worth helping many individuals becoming successful authors. Although not everyone may have the confidence to speak in large crowds, Authentic Worth offers individuals the opportunity to share their story and turn it into a book alongside our monthly workshops. We value every donation made and will be used for the following:

  • Monthly workshops and events for aspiring authors in learning how to write a book for beginners. 
  • Support and run book launches for authors that have written a book to create awareness and publicity. 
  • Monthly training and online courses on how to further grow books for authors. 
  • Working with aspiring authors in publishing their books with 1-2-1 consultations and accountability memberships. 

We are very grateful for your contributions/donations to further implement and continue running workshops, events, and more importantly, supporting our aspiring Authors to share their story with confidence! Donations are given by using PayPal below. Alternatively, donations are welcome via the business account Authentic Worth:

Sort code: 23-69-72 – Account number: 18250617

Let’s keep Authentic Worth growing so that together, we can inspire individuals in fulfilling their purpose and sharing their story!