Authentic Worth are always optimistic about the future and what it holds for our clients, employees and investors. For this reason, we are working towards creating vast opportunities for positions available to keep the vision of Authentic Worth running and are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Co-Founder – Authentic Worth is looking for a co-founder to join their book publishing company. At Authentic Worth, we are confident, relatable and desire to give authors the opportunity to build their story and turn it into a book. The co-founder will contribute and offer practical and theoretical ideas on how Authentic Worth can create further awareness, being able to mentor and coach authors, and having an overall passion for books, reading and people. The co-founder must prove to provide value and transparency to authors that come in contact with Authentic Worth and attract the right clientele to contribute to the value of the business. The co-founder will have consistent meetings with the Founder including brainstorming ideas and finding ways to support authors who desire to further enhance their storytelling and book writing skills.


  • Proofreader and Editor (Part Time) – We are looking for a proficient proofreader and editor of three years+ experience that is in charge of making sure the text of each manuscript is free of any errors and ensuring that texts are engaging and accessible to readers. As a proofreader and editor, you will ensure the material is clear, consistent, complete and credible, and the text is well-written, grammatically correct and accessible. You will be required to correct spelling, grammar, and analyse the content and tone of the manuscript, impose consistent styles, being able to rewrite certain words that influence the nature of the storyline. You will take the initial manuscript and make it ready for publication.


  • Social Media Content Strategist (Part Time) – We are looking for a responsible social media content strategist that will be responsible for planning, developing and implementing Authentic Worth’s overall social media strategy in order to support and improve our online presence and several digital marketing strategies. You will be consistent and creative in uploading relevant, high-quality content and promoting each book Authentic Worth publishes, alongside managing each social platform including Twitter, Instagram Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. You will ensure that all Authentic Worth’s social media account contents are all up to date. 


Send an email to stating which role you are applying for in the subject heading, alongside a cover letter and up to date CV. A confirmation email will be sent to you thereafter.