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Books can either help us, teach us something, and can simply entertain. Through my passion for journalling in 2012, I realised there was more in me to give out which has enabled my journalling experience to convert into writing. As an Author of three books, I utilise my gifts to inspire other people to know that they have a book in them and can be brought to life. What we go through on a daily basis are stories to those awaiting to hear it. 

The books I have written are as follows:

1) It’s Time to Heal – a book for women to discover their purpose and focuses on the journey to self-discovery and freedom.

2) Completion – a book for men and women to understand their self-worth and be true to who they are regardless of the external noises. 

3) From Glory to Glory – a book for men and women that brings hope to the broken heart; to the reader that has lost strength. It is a real, raw and transparent read; it enables the reader to look at life from a different perspective and understand what purpose is.

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