She is energetic and strong; a hard worker.

Proverbs 31:17

About Esther

Founder of Authentic Worth, Blogger of Woman’s Worth Conference, Influential Speaker, YouTube: Esther N J, Writer and Author


Esther is a dedicated and smart-working woman who strives for excellence in delivering book launches and workshops for men and women. She uses her voice authentically to share stories of what she went through and uses it to write books. Esther is an Author of three books and uses her skills and expertise to support and coach aspiring self-published Authors to do the same. Esther believes that everybody has a story to share and gives them an opportunity to express themselves in a way that provides solutions to society.

Using her life’s experiences, Esther shares stories of how her Faith strengthened her well-being in the third year of her studies at university. She has been offered many interviews, TV programmes, podcasts and radio interviews to promote her books including SKY TV, BEN TV, UCB Radio, Elim Radio, Premier Gospel Radio, Christian Devotion Speak Up! Podcast, The Authors Podcast, Keeping It Real Radio, and Power Xtra Radio. Esther’s third book, From Glory to Glory is now at the British Library and Waterstones.


She has had successful book signings at several WHSmith stores in London, and has been invited to speak at Barclays Wealth Management to talk about the vision of Authentic Worth. Esther’s previous university allowed the opportunity to speak about Mental Health and Minority Ethnic Groups from a Diaspora perspective where she was a guest at the Kent Africa Summit Diaspora in March 2019.


She has two years of property management experience and is knowledgeable in fashion. Esther is intentional about words and the mind, and encourages the young generation to utilise their skills and create opportunities from rejections. She believes that rejection is an open door to success when used wisely. 


“When someone rejects you, use the rejection to create an opportunity; don’t settle”  Copyright (c) Esther N Jacob 2019 


Esther’s hobbies include travelling, writing, singing, recording videos, collaborating with other YouTubers, Bloggers & Speakers, and serving the community.

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Facebook: Authentic Worth

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Where do I fellowship?

Sureway International Christian Ministries.

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