About Authentic Worth

Authentic Worth is a platform for men and women created to explore and fulfil their potential. It is a reminder to know their existence is valued and needed. The importance of understanding how unique and worthy young adults are makes a real difference to our society, community and our world. Not being influenced by the possessions we have, what brand we are wearing or how many followers one has on social media. The main focus is how the pressures of life stems from how one perceives him or herself.

The expectations that social media expects us to achieve can be deceptive and discouraging for some that do not have an identity. The young generation between early 20s to late 30s can cause anxiety because they do not have a strong support system to help them along the way. A scripture that resonates to the young generation is:

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

When our worth is being compromised to fit in, it becomes a real cause of concern. If you are struggling with identity or self-worth, this platform is for you. Authentic Worth is an open network that is passionate in setting up annual events, workshops and book launches to support the upcoming generation.

Speaking to a few men, I noticed that there was a consistent pattern in what they went through without anyone realising it. One of them is loneliness which makes them uncomfortable in their position, not being able to reach out and have a heart to heart with anyone. This therefore causes them to be closed off from society encouraging suicidal thoughts and gang violence.

Women on the other hand, struggle with physical appearance, health and financial constraints, the feeling of not being good enough which brings self-condemnation. I want to use this platform to share the struggles and remind you of your value. Walk in your uniqueness with boldness.

Authentic Worth strongly focuses on the importance of knowing where worth comes from; it doesn’t come from followers on social media, riches, wealth, or the opinions of people, but only in Christ Jesus. We want you to feel comfortable in speaking about any struggles so together we can create a forum of positivity that will generate and overcome the burdens of life.

Real spiritual truth, support and guidance will be given through monthly videos and blog posts. You have a purpose on earth, so don’t waste it. Authentic Worth reminds the young generation that they are not only worthy, but authentic. A project that is dedicated to our future leaders to build up the Kingdom and support their earthly needs.