About Authentic Worth


Authentic Worth is a community-based platform for young adults to understand how valuable they are in society. In environments where pressure arises, we work with young adults to teach, inspire, share knowledge and in particular allow them to use their authentic voice in sharing their own story and using it as a platform to cultivate change. There are many ways we inspire people to use their story and this is through writing. As the Founder of Authentic Worth, I have benefitted greatly from sharing my story through my blog in 2014, to building my writing career in 2016 and has used it to publish three books thus far which has greatly aided readers on a local and global scale.


Every young adult in society is valued and needed; what they tend to lack at times is a listening ear. The more we invest in the young generation, the better they will become in being our future leaders of tomorrow. It only takes one voice, one person, one thought to change a nation.


We encourage transparency and being real about what young adults go through on a day to day basis, what steps they are looking to take, how determined they are to change, and how their existence makes impact in their local community. We endeavour to work with companies that believe in valuing people, and investing greatly in their self-development. Authentic Worth will remind young adults to leave a remarkable legacy through their own authentic voice which brings worth. 

We aim to provide 1-2-1 mentoring for young adults to express ways in which they can bring change in their circle of influence and community, to impart knowledge, wisdom and truth on how to overcome obstacles through sharing their story. We do this by having book launches, workshops, debates, and collaborative events. More importantly, we bring in the element of building friendly and healthy relationships by changing one life at a time. 

Another key service that Authentic Worth provides is genuine support. We want every individual to know the worth and value they bring to society. We stand for making an impact that starts within each individual before change can be made in our environment. For this reason, we have launched an online masterclass course on How to Write a Book which will equip, educate and provide extensive knowledge about publishing a book from start to finish. To enrol in the course, visit: Online Course(s)

An advanced book workshop will be running on Saturday 21st September 2019. For more information and how to register visit: Events Page

Authentic Worth grants the opportunity for individuals that want to add an additional skill to their CV and improve their current skill set to learn about the process of writing a book and an insight into the publishing industry. We provide bespoke publishing services including proofreading & editing manuscripts, CV’s, cover letters, novels, poems and dissertations. For more information visit: Publishing Services

“When someone rejects you, use the rejection to create an opportunity; don’t settle!”

How we view ourselves will indicate how others will view us; Embrace who you are and use your authentic voice to make a change. Remember, you have WORTH!

Dedicated to the next generation: 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)